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Parrot Bebop 2 with Sky Controller - White

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FeaturesThe Bebop 2 combines aerodynamics, style and robustness in a lightweight and compact drone.Your flying companionLightweight and compact design, Built to last. It's the first leisure drone in the 500g category with a 25 minute battery life.1. Po...

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    The Bebop 2 combines aerodynamics, style and robustness in a lightweight and compact drone.

    Your flying companion

    Lightweight and compact design, Built to last. It's the first leisure drone in the 500g category with a 25 minute battery life.

    1. Powerful rear flashing LED

    Powerful rear flashing LED forbetter visibility

    2. Increased battery life

    25 minutes of flight time with 2700 mAh battery

    3. Reinforced Structure

    Robust and flexible central body with reinforced single arms

    4. Flexible propellers

    Designed with safety in mind:flexible propellers which lock in the event of contact

    Film vertically

    The neutral angle of the camera has been revised to capture more ground and less sky. Now you can film and take photos at 90° without any loss of quality.


    Control the camera through 180° in all directions by simply moving your thumb.


    A full-digital image stabilization technology allows the Parrot Bebop 2 to take remarkably stable and clear aerial footageregardless of the drone movements.

    Easy and intuitive piloting with smartphone or tablet

    Flying a drone has never been so intuitive. The Parrot Bebop 2 uses the accelerometer and touch controls on the flying interface to respond to the movements of your smartphone/tablet.

    More immersive flight (Focus on the images, not on the flight)

    To enjoy your flight experience for even longer and take full advantage of the machine's capacity, the Bebop Drone 2 is compatible with the Parrot Skycontroller: a high-end remote control which extends the flying range to 2km**.

    ** Theoretical maximal distance between Skycontroller and Bebop 2 depending on country regulations for Wi-Fi®

    Sky Controller:

    Fly ever further

    Optimized for a perfect connection and reduced waiting times, Skycontroller is safer and suitable for long distance flights. You have a reliable wireless link designed specifically for the Bebop 2, allowing connections to short or long distance, strengthening interoperability with tablets or smartphones.
    Theoretical maximum reach: 2 km

    Customize your driving experience

    The 10 keys Skycontroller and 4 sticks are fully customizable to suit the requirements of the driver. The Parrot software is "open source", to allow developers to extend the functionality of Skycontroller. The Skycontroller is also compatible with the FPV for a more innovative and immersive flying experience. The application FreeFlight Skycontroller 3 and are compatible with the FPV goggles with HDMI input (not included).

    Discover our accessories for maximum comfort in all conditions

    The pack Bebop Skycontroller 2 and includes a foldable visor and a neck strap. The sunshade enhances the feeling of immersion because it eliminates reflections of the sun on your piloting device and allows you easy access to your tablet. The neck strap ensures a good balance of Skycontroller on your shoulders and requires less effort, so you can focus more on driving. To prolong the experience, 2 batteries, 1 charger dedicated, and a plastic adapter to accommodate other tablets come with your drone.


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