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The hybrid robots uniting water and airOnce the engines are on, the upper part of the Hydrofoil positions perpendicularly to the nautical structure. Thanks to the four propellers of the Minidrone, it glides through the water and stays about 2 inches ab...

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The hybrid robots uniting water and air

Once the engines are on, the upper part of the Hydrofoil positions perpendicularly to the nautical structure. Thanks to the four propellers of the Minidrone, it glides through the water and stays about 2 inches above the surface with amazing stability and agility. As the water resistance is reduced, it can reach the maximum speed of 5.4 knots (6 mph) and turn in a flash without capsizing. The Hydrofoils can be separated from their nautical structure in order to fly through the air and do breathtaking aerial acrobatics!

Fly and sail as you feel!

Discover Parrot Hydrofoil Drone, one of our second-generation Minidrones. The hydrofoil is a hybrid drone that uses its propellers to move on fresh water. Its nautical structure props the Hydrofoil Drone up 5 to 6 cm above the water, in a balanced manner. Fast and easy to pilot, it speeds up to 10kph (6.2 mph) on water. You can also fly your Minidrone for an incomparable piloting experience!

Be a captain, be a pilot, take on the challenge

Parrot Hydrofoil Drone is a Two drones in one! You can use the Hydrofoil structure to glide through water and then remove it and fly the Minidrone in all directions.

Enjoy navigating with Aquatic Mode

Built with streamlined foils and a hydrodynamic hull, Parrot Hydrofoil Drone is ultra-stable and moves with amazing dexterity and speed on water. Easily controlled by a smartphone or a tablet, you can perform rapid moves and turns. Its performance on the water's surface is amazing!

Convert your Parrot Hydrofoil for Flight Mode

The Parrot Minidrone flies smoothly anywhere and can go as fast as 18 kph/11 mph. With a single swipe of your finger, the Minidrone turns 90° and 180°, and with a single click, it performs acrobatic 360° forward and backward flips in the air. Designed for safe flying and sailing, Hydrofoil Drone is fitted with a propeller circuit-breaker in case of collision. With Parrot Hydrofoil Drone, you can now fly and sail as you feel!

Balanced and self-stabilizing

In Aquatic mode, Parrot Hydrofoil Drone is balanced and self-stabilizing. The steering is simple, attach the removable nautical structure to your Minidrone and conquer the aquatic world.An antenna has been integrated in the Minidrone to increase the maneuvering range. In flight mode, Parrot Hydrofoil Drone boasts superior flight stability thanks to its 3-axis gyroscope and accelerometer. This ultra-sophisticated technology makes the Hydrofoil Drone one of the most stable quadricopters on the market.

Fly your drone very easily via Bluetooth and Freeflight 3

The app Freeflight 3 offers intuitive control from your smartphone or tablet and connects to your Hydrofoil Drone through Bluetooth® Smart.

Max distance : Range 20 m/65 ft.
The FreeFlight 3 App is available for free on the Apple Store and Google Play Store.

Embedded mini-camera

You can take aerial shots with the embedded mini-camera.
Snapshot VGA (480x640) 300,000 pixels.

Flash memory 1GB.


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Titel Parrot Minidrone Hydrofoil - Orak
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